Hi I'm Nancy

Finding love after 50

To be honest, I didn’t always think it would happen for me.

Finding love in the middle of life has been a dream come true, but it didn’t just happen overnight. For 20 years it seemed wherever I looked, everyone else had the things I wanted. Love. Marriage. Partnership. Romance. Why did it elude me? What didn’t I know?

I went from dating coach to love therapist to intuitive healer, trying to uncover the secrets to finding love. I learned how to date with enthusiasm and hope. How to get clear about what I wanted to draw into my life, and what to avoid. How to tell my own love story so that it could find me.

As a former brand strategy coach, I know that launching yourself into the dating world is like launching a business. It’s all about Mindset, Planning, and Action. If you want something new in your life, you have to start where it all begins, with YOU. So ask yourself:

What's the love life you want?

What do you desire and deserve? If you're dating after 50, it's time to leave skepticism and self-doubt behind. Start dating again in midlife with confidence and joy. Your true love story is out there. Let’s find it together.

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