Midlife Dating Strategy with Nancy Bruce

The love of your life, in the middle of life.

I found love after 50, and so can you!

The love of your life, in the middle of life.

I found love after 50, and so can you!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been single for a minute or for 30 years.

If you've exhausted yourself in the dating game or been hiding from it entirely.

You can tell your own love story, and then go out and find it. You can lead with joy and confidence, instead of fear and doubt.

If you're dating after 50, all you need is some guidance, support and above all – inspiration

In the middle of life, finding love takes three things…


It all starts with you. How you want to feel, what you’re prepared to give, and what you hope to receive in a true-love partnership. Let’s create a mindset of love.


Success loves a plan. From your dating uniform and schedule, to a repeatable dating plan, this is the way to make sure you don’t burn out and give up until you find love.


Every dream requires that you take action. Now is the time to boost your confidence and get the inspiration and clarity you need to dive into the deep end of midlife dating.



Midlife Mindset Magic

Shift your mindset to get ready for love

Top Tips for Profile Pics

Boost your dating profile

Tell the Story of YOU

Write your best-ever dating profile

Dating App Download

Get the scoop on eight popular dating sites


I dated for 20 years after my divorce, following my heart, my instincts, and advice from every expert I could find. I came out on the other side with true love in midlife. I made it happen and so can you!


Everybody loves a happy ending.


Dating After 50 tips, Dating After Divorce insights, Married in Midlife tales, and more. The Finding Love Podcast is about how to find connection, romance, and everlasting love in the middle of life.


LIVE sessions with Nancy to clarify your true-love MINDSET, design your dating PLAN, and put it all into ACTION. Our next Finding Love Workshop kicks off in June. Join the waitlist and save your spot!

Dating Loveline

It's not exhausting, it's not depressing, do not give up!

The Dating Loveline is next-level one-on-one coaching with Nancy. Together we’ll gain clarity and build momentum in your search for romance, connection, and love.

Book a FREE introductory call with Nancy to learn more!

Dating Loveline

It's not exhausting, it's not depressing, do not give up!

In the Dating Loveline, you’ll work one-on-one with Nancy to gain true clarity in your dating direction.

Let’s chat about what you’re looking for, where you’ve come from, and how we can map out your path to love. Book a free call to talk with Nancy and learn more!

Shift your mindset to get ready for love!

  • Open your mind and heart to receive the love you want.
  • Learn to shift your mindset with simple, daily practices. 
  • You deserve love! Say it, practice it, own it.

Boost your dating profile and get the attention you deserve!

  • Step into the spotlight of your dating profile. 
  • How to shine big and bright to attract the love you want. 
  • Be you, through and through.

Write your best-ever dating profile to attract the love you want!

  • Learn how to say who you are, what you want, and why it matters!
  • Polish your hidden gems and watch them shine.
  • Write a profile that will grab the attention of your true match.

See which dating apps are right for you!

  • Make it easy! Get this overview of eight dating sites that can help you find love. 
  • A quick and easy online dating resource. 
  • Includes bio requirements, key features, and pricing.