New Man or Total Scam? How to Handle Dating Liars

What if the person you're dating turns out to be someone completely different from who they claimed to be? Nancy is back with Deb Beroset to talk about what to do when you’re blindsided by your date.

It’s easy to slip into fantasyland when there’s someone new in your life. You’re excited, swept off your feet, and skipping toward the future. But in the process, you may be missing (or ignoring) red flags, sketchy stories, or behavior that just doesn’t add up. All of a sudden, the guy you thought you knew is someone you barely recognize.

Deb and Nancy are all too familiar with the disappointment of being let down, gaslit, or outright lied to by a date. But there's a silver lining: when you know that no matter what, you can trust YOURSELF to keep your own best interests front and center, you have nothing to fear. You can't control someone else's behavior, but you can always control the way you protect your boundaries.

Deb and Nancy share how experiences like this can help you become stronger and wiser on your midlife dating journey. Deb reminds us that it’s all about putting your feelings first when it comes to dating, and asking yourself, "how do I feel?" instead of, "how does this person feel about me?"

Tune in to learn:

Remember, when you know in your heart that you can truly count on yourself, you move forward with confidence. Sure, it’s a let-down when guys aren't who they say they are, but don’t let that be the reason you turn away from the love you want and deserve.

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Dating blunders happen, and when they do, they can quickly throw you off track. You start second guessing yourself – Will you ever figure out how to choose the right partner? Why do you agree to things you know you don’t want?


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